Recommended specs, Raid compatability for version 7 and 8

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Aug 23, 2011
Hi, thanks for reading my question.

I am building a NAS box to simply use for storing media files to be shared to all PC's in the house and for backups of data from those PC's. I will be having multiple TB's of data so I want to set up a RAID so that I won't lose the large amounts of data when (not if) a HDD fails. Mirroring will be to much of a loss of space, RAID 3 calls for a minimum of 4 drives?, I only wanted to use 3 for now. Raid 5 seems to be ideal for me at this time.

I'll be ruinning a 45w AMD dual core with 4gb of ram I have laying around. I'm confused by the very high recommended requirements for version 8 and also that 8 does not support Raid5, only Raid3? I simply want a Raid NAS box so would version 7 be better for me? I'm not against all the other features and would love to play with them to learn more but I am not prepared to build a multi hundred dollar box to use as my NAS.

Sorry if this has been asked many times, I'm currently moving and have little time to read for great lengths of time currently.
Not open for further replies.