Pool/Root dataset default permissions (POSIX) of newly created pool "strip" ACL from replicated datasets (from SMB/NFSv4 pool)


Jan 20, 2017
A few days ago, I installed a bunch of new HDD and created a new pool in my cold backup server. Afterwards, I started the push replications from the main server (pull doesn't work anymore since 23.10.2, therefore I had to rollback to 23.10.1 on the backup server to at least use push, see this thread). Today, I wondered why the already replicated datasets no longer had the correct (SMB/NFSv4) ACL as specified on the main server. On the main server, the root dataset has SMB/NFSv4 ACL, and children inherit. The pool created on the backup server however has POSIX, for some reason, and now the replicated datasets inherit this and lose the original ACL. I have now changed all datasets on the main server from inherit to explicitly SMB/NFSv4, and now it sticks during replication.

Has something changed in that regard? It worked before, with pools created in earlier SCALE versions. These have SMB/NFSv4 at the root dataset, but I can't find an option to edit this, neither on the main server (23.10.2) nor on the backup server (23.10.1). I can't boot into 22.x anymore, as the boot-pool can't be imported anymore.