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Pool filling up own its own


Feb 24, 2021

I have 10x3tb drives in raid z2.

I have been using FreeNas for years.
Today i upgraded to TrueNas and now space keeps vanishing from my pool.
I had around 2tb free at the start of the day now i have less than 200gb.

Looking at zfs the difference between Main and the sum of everything else i seem to be missing 1.6tb.
Any idea on whats taking up this space?

A critical alert has also appeared after the upgrade (I have ordered a new 3tb drive to replace this one).
Does this have something to do with the problem?
"Device: /dev/ada5, 6 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors."

root@truenas[~]# zfs list
NAME                                                    USED  AVAIL     REFER  MOUNTPOINT
Main                                                   19.9T   189G     1.60T  /mnt/Main
Main/.system                                            255M   189G      256K  legacy
Main/.system/configs-0827a2da0c5b428287f6c8d2d52005ef   180M   189G      180M  legacy
Main/.system/configs-2fa742ae30da433ca735af52bcb65edb  17.0M   189G     17.0M  legacy
Main/.system/configs-7bdf26d378f44463a02df9c5bc4d0ea3   219K   189G      219K  legacy
Main/.system/cores                                      219K  1024M      219K  legacy
Main/.system/rrd-0827a2da0c5b428287f6c8d2d52005ef       219K   189G      219K  legacy
Main/.system/rrd-2fa742ae30da433ca735af52bcb65edb       219K   189G      219K  legacy
Main/.system/rrd-7bdf26d378f44463a02df9c5bc4d0ea3      42.5M   189G     42.5M  legacy
Main/.system/samba4                                    2.53M   189G     2.53M  legacy
Main/.system/services                                   219K   189G      219K  legacy
Main/.system/syslog-0827a2da0c5b428287f6c8d2d52005ef   9.22M   189G     9.22M  legacy
Main/.system/syslog-2fa742ae30da433ca735af52bcb65edb   1.81M   189G     1.81M  legacy
Main/.system/syslog-7bdf26d378f44463a02df9c5bc4d0ea3    695K   189G      695K  legacy
Main/.system/webui                                      219K   189G      219K  legacy
Main/Archive                                           18.3T   189G     18.3T  /mnt/Main/Archive
Main/jails                                              219K   189G      219K  /mnt/Main/jails
Main/jails_2                                            219K   189G      219K  /mnt/Main/jails_2
boot-pool                                              1.16G  12.9G       24K  none
boot-pool/ROOT                                         1.16G  12.9G       24K  none
boot-pool/ROOT/Initial-Install                            1K  12.9G     1.16G  legacy
boot-pool/ROOT/default                                 1.16G  12.9G     1.16G  legacy



Feb 24, 2021
I think i found the problem.

"Archive" is where i keep my files and for some reason this folder was being duplicated to "Admin" (This folder was created when i created the admin user).

Im not sure why TrueNas was doing this. I think i might have set the "admin" user home dir to archive and then back to "admin". Could this have stated the mass file copy?

I restarted the nas and this appears to have stopped the file copy. I then deleted the contents of "admin" and now the space is back.