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No SMB on one pool after upgrade TrueNAS-12.0-U5

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Jul 29, 2021
I upgraded to TrueNAS-12.0-U5. It was a bit hectic, because i needed to completely reimport my pools.

Now one pool is not granting any SMB access anymore for included datasets / shares (Tested on Mac and win). I can configure, but I get the error message, that my priviles are not corresponding. Also not, when i create new datasets and start SMB sharing with them with open access. The really interesting thing on it is, that i have a 2nd pool, where I am able to set up new datasets with SMB sharing and they are running fine. Doing the complete same steps.

The only difference in between them, is that the pool not supporting SMB is the "System Dataset Pool"

Any advices what could be wrong with my pool?