Nginx Proxy Manager Setup


Feb 22, 2024
Hello all,

I'm just seeking validation for the current Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM) setup I have, as I'm failing to resolve issues around my domain pointing to a certain app hosted on my TrueNAS Scale server. When I go to my domain, I'd expect to hit my Jellyfin server login, but instead I am getting no response.

First of all, I'm new to this so here is my current understanding of what I'm needing to do:
  1. Point my domain to my public IP address ✅
  2. Forward port 80 on my router, to the IP and port Nginx is listening on ❓ (there are three ports in the settings, which were auto assigned by TrueNAS, I've used the web service port)
    1. Main service port: 10582
    2. Web service port: 10583
    3. Web secure service port: 10584
  3. Create a proxy host in NPM forwarding requests on to the port of the container I'm wanting to host to the web.
    1. Domain Name: <my_domain>
    2. Scheme: HTTP
    3. Forward Hostname / IP: jellyfin
    4. 8096 (as configured in the jellyfin networking settings)
If this is incorrect, can you kindly point me in the correct direction?


Mar 12, 2016
As a returning user to TrueNAS from unraid, I just went through this yesterday. I had this same issue and despite that it 'should work by forwarding to a different (non 443 / 80 port), it did not. That also has problems internally anyway as all traffic needs to be routed via the firewall and my firewall (opnsense) has never worked properly for that.

So the key thing for me was to use the truecharts version of nginx proxy manager. What I did was to change the truenas ports from 80 and 443 to 2080 and 20443. Then in the template for NGINX proxy manager I made sure proxy manager ports were set to 80 and 443 (this is what I also did on unraid succesfully). This is not possible to do on the official TrueNAS NGINX proxy manager as they limit ports to high numbered ports for some silly reason.

From here, you will find the rest works quite well, including setting up a certificate (the crucial bit IMO).

Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense.