NFS, fast writing but slow reading.

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Jun 15, 2011

We have a FreeNAS-box at the office running 0.7.2 Sambanda(rev 5543). Writing to disk trough NFS works like expected but reading from disk trough NFS is painfully slow.

For testing purposes we have two computers, simonsMachine is a client and FreeNAS is the freeNAS-box which is on the same network as simonsMachine. And a 100Mb file called 100MB

scp 100 meg file FROM freeNAS-server to A
FreeNAS> time scp /mnt/pool0/storage0/mx-stuff/tmp/100MB simon@simonsMachine:
real 0m14.449s
user 0m1.003s
sys 0m0.440s

I have mounted /mnt/pool0/storage0/mx-stuff/ to /mnt/stuff on the simonsMachine box. And if I do this(locally on the simonsMachine);
simonsMachine> time cp ~/100MB /mnt/stuff/tmp
real 0m13.429s
user 0m0.000s
sys 0m0.210s

BUT, if I do this;
simonsMachine> time cp /mnt/stuff/tmp/100MB /mnt/stuff/tmp2/
It takes close to 30 minutes.

Where as localy on FreeNAS;
FreeNAS> time cp /mnt/pool0/storage0/mx-stuff/tmp/100MB /mnt/pool0/storage0/mx-stuff/tmp2/
real 0m0.000s
user 0m0.122
sys 0m0.051

So the disks are not fault and its not A network issue since scp from freeNAS to client is quick. NFS is set up to use UDP btw.

Anyone had any problems like this before?

Not open for further replies.