Nextcloud 13 iocage External Storage Greyout

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Jul 10, 2018
I've set up nextcloud 13 by iocage for a while, followed by this guide
I was having issue in the beginning by setting up external storage, however, I got lucky once where I am able to add external storage, so I've added them. (p.s. This cmd was used before setting it up in nextcloud web GUI:
iocage fstab -a yourjail "/mnt/YOURDRIVENAME/files /mnt/files nullfs rw 0 0")
The issue is that now my external storage settings were grey-out, and I'm having some interesting permission error when uploading files to external storage.
E.g. I have an external share called files, under files I am able to create files, which means I have r/w permission. When it's in a folder under files (files/folder) then I don't have permission. Interesting fact is that folder2 under files (files/folder2), I will have permission to r/w. I've used UNIX permission to set up and the mode has all been checked under freeNAS web GUI. Owner and Group for dataset doesn't matter much here (I've tried the same settings with one particular share that has all permissions to each folder under the share), and it still has the same issue.

Where could the problem be?



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