New 10GbE Switch w/POE - HPE 1850 48G 4XGT PoE+ 370w (JL173A)

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Sep 20, 2013
I wanted to pass on a new switch I found that had a unique combo of features for the home office.

Back in January, after much looking, I picked up a new HPE 1850 48G 4XGT PoE+ 370W Switch (JL173A) and have been really pleased with it. At the time, Provantage had the best price, a hair under $900, which seemed good given the blend of features this switch provides.

This L2+ smart switch allowed me to consolidate 3 separate switches, and provides a total of 52 ports:
24x PoE+1GbE ports,
24x 1GbE ports, and
4x 10GbE ports (copper RJ45).

Best of all, for a home office, the switch has two fans and has been silent! I cannot hear the fans and must put my hand over the output to feel if they are actually running. Surprisingly, this model is rated much quieter dB-wise, than the 24 port POE and non-POE versions in the 1850 series. This is one of the first 24-port POE switches I have run across that has been quiet.

With today's wired homes, it doesn't take much to need a dozen POE ports for access points and security cameras, ethernet ports for various other devices, and some 10GbE ports for a FreeNAS server, media server and workstation. This fit my needs nicely and provides some room to grow.



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Chris Moore

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May 2, 2015
At the time, Provantage had the best price, a hair under $900
Oops, I posted the reply before I typed the message...
It looks to me that this is a good price even if all you wanted was a 24 port POE switch...
Thanks for sharing.
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