Love Letter to the Community

Mar 25, 2021
Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, an evolution quietly began. It was the dawn of the Open Storage era, where freedom, innovation, and community thrived. FreeNAS was born.

Today the sun is setting on closed storage systems and giving way to new light powered by collaboration and collective wisdom. Along the way, FreeNAS became TrueNAS, and the rest is history. In this age of Open Source, the Community has emerged as the true heroes. They have been the architects of change, the problem solvers, and the champions of progress.

As the Open Storage era continues to unfold, one thing has become abundantly clear: TrueNAS would be nothing if not for its community. So here's to the Open Storage era, and to you, the incredible Community that makes it all possible.

Happy Valentine's Day. May we continue to innovate, collaborate, and celebrate together.

Thank you for the journey thus far.

With Love,
The TrueNAS Team

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