Hello, World!

Mar 25, 2021
Hey TrueNAS Community!

Welcome to the newest section of the TrueNAS Community forums, “TrueNAS as VM Storage.”

This section of the community is focused on discussion about using all versions of TrueNAS as a storage target for hypervisors. This forum is for discussion about TrueNAS as shared storage between hypervisors for virtual machine (VM) disk storage, and not “Virtualized TrueNAS” or having TrueNAS act as a VM.

Information about non-hypervisor-specific TrueNAS tuning and best practices can be found in the General Discussion forum, such as:

  • Insights into pool and vdev design
  • Sync writes, and ensuring the safety and stability of data writes
  • Network design for IP-based storage solutions (NFS and iSCSI)

Whether you’re just getting started, evaluating alternatives, or happy with your current hypervisor and want to share your experience and tips, we want to hear from you.

If you’re already using a hypervisor with TrueNAS as a target, let’s hear about your setup and use case in one of the subforums below!

TrueNAS with Hyper-V
Share your experiences, setups, and tips on using TrueNAS as storage for Hyper-V virtual machines. Connect with others who have similar configurations or seek advice from the community.

TrueNAS with Proxmox
Dive into discussions about integrating TrueNAS with Proxmox. Whether you are a Proxmox user seeking storage solutions or a TrueNAS enthusiast exploring Proxmox compatibility, this subforum is for you.

TrueNAS with VMware
Explore the integration of TrueNAS with VMware environments. Discuss storage strategies, optimizations, and challenges specific to VMware virtualization platforms.

TrueNAS with XCP-ng
Connect with those utilizing TrueNAS as a storage backend for XCP-ng. Share your setups, troubleshoot issues, and exchange ideas about maximizing the compatibility and performance of this combination.

TrueNAS with Other Hypervisors
For users employing hypervisors that differ from the named categories, this subforum is the space to discuss how TrueNAS integrates into your specific hypervisor environment. Share your unique use cases and learn from the diverse experiences within the community.

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