Live CD hardware bench tester?

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I am just about to start to build up a new FreeNAS box from a selection (10+) different running machines.

Anyone know of a standalone distro that is a Live CD that has built in hardware testing/benchmarking?

I have tried Inquisitor and also seen Phoronix...but that turns out to be for x64 architecture only

have been searching all day for a ready to go distro but come up with nothing
My curent solution is a very basic windows app CPUFreeBenchMark2.2

But to run that I am having to do a Win XP instal on each machine first, before running it. Suppose i could use a Win 2k install and just swap the HDD...but would rather have a dedicated Live CD distro

OK, so I do not have to have the fastest bit of kit...but it would be stupid to leave a faster machine in the scrap pile and build my box and something with lesser performance

Anyone got any ideas?

Not open for further replies.