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Linux system-to-system clone?

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Wizened Sage
Aug 16, 2011
Nothing to do with Free/TrueNAS, but there are a number of folks here who know *nix pretty well, so...

I've been running a personal Linux server on a Contabo VPS for a few years, and it's been working well, but having it on another continent is taking an inevitable toll on network latency. So, taking advantage of a Black Friday special, I provisioned a VPS in .us today, with the intent of making it a clone of the first. But now, the question is: how? I believe Contabo's support can do it, for an additional charge, but I'd like to DIY if possible.

The main server is running Nethserver 7, a customized version of CentOS 7. The target server, right now, is running vanilla CentOS 7. I'm open to suggestions of "back it up on my TrueNAS and restore to the target", but I'd prefer if possible to go directly from the one system to the other, so as to take advantage of much better network bandwidth. Or, alternatively, "back up to DO Spaces and restore to the target".

And yes, Nethserver has backup software installed, but I've done enough customizing on the system that I don't think I'd trust it to do the job.