linux samba client performance is way lower than windows client

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Jan 23, 2017
I have set up a freenas 11.1-U5 with i5 7400 CPU, 16G RAM and 5 HDDs. For my windows 7 is using ASUS vivo pc with i3 3217U and 8G RAM.
When I tried to retrive a 11GB file from NAS, the windows task manager and progress window show almost 100MB/s(Giga LAN).
I recently set up another PC, i5 6400 CPU, 16G RAM with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I tried to retrieve the same file(11GB) from NAS, and the system monitor in Ubuntu and progress window show only about 60 MB/s.
It is very weird to me.

I have tried to copy a 10GB file which is already in Ubuntu PC folder A to folder B. It shows about 12x MB/s, so I think HDD write performance is ready for 100MB/s. Am I right?
Any ideas to find out the root cause?
Thx a lot.
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