I/O Issues

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richard diaz

Aug 12, 2015
Recently upgraded my freenas system with bigger hard drives. was trying to copy certain files so as to reformat the system. but i keep getting I/O errors and won`t let me copy my files to another drive, why is this happening and to correct it. thank anyone


Aug 7, 2016
Welcome to the forum! We would be happy to help with your "I/O errors", however we do not have sufficient information to do so. Please review the information below to get started on asking for help.

Please read the forum rules.
Posting To Get A Response

Please include a specific subject title in a new post. This helps attract the attention of people knowledgeable and interested in that type of problem or situation.

Please include full, exact error messages. Do not paraphrase them. Putting effort into your post the first time will help you get the best responses to your issue.
Please provide the exact build number of the system, which can be found at System ‣ Information, as well as the amount of RAM on the system. If additional hardware information is needed, you will be asked to attach a debug file. Debug files are created with the System ‣ Advanced ‣ Save Debug menu entry.

Hardware information is extremely important when diagnosing problems. This includes:
  • motherboard make and model
  • CPU make and model
  • RAM quantity
  • hard drives, quantity, model numbers, and RAID configuration
  • hard disk controllers
  • network cards
It can be convenient to add hardware information to your signature (click your username ‣ Signature). Remember to update that signature when your hardware changes.
In short, we can't help until we have the basic information. You may also want to review the official FreeNAS documentation.
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