Hi from South of France! my project with FreeNAS...

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Aug 23, 2011

I'm Boris from the south of France, joining the forum this morning.
I've been in the IT business for about 14 years.
Quite involved in the Linux community back in 97/99 when I was developing MicroChannel adapter drivers for the kernel.

For home usage, after hesitating between various NAS solutions from Synology and others, I decided to go for none of them and build my own. I will have to serve various appliances, XBMC htpc running on Linux, Windows 7 laptop, iMac...
It will have to be RAID 1 for storing family pictures, video and various legal or financial documents and will have to offer enough storage for streaming content.

Speed is not my ultimate goal, but I'm expecting it to sustain 40 to 50MB/s or so...

So I'll be starting out of a very reliable Shuttle SK21G that I've had for a very long time. I've got two socket 754 CPU that I can choose from, a Sempron 3100 or an Athlon 64 3200. After checking their specs, I figured out they had the same TDP of 59W, so I'll use the Athlon 64.

This shuttle case BIOS allows me to disable most things I don't need need which includes the built in fast ethernet, replaced by a D-Link PCI DGE-528T Gigabit adapter.
It has 1GB of DDR400 RAM, moving to 2GB this week.
... and a USB stick.
It has temporarily a 500GB WD 7200rpm drive for testing purpose. Will be replace by 2*WD20EARS when I will be happy with my setup.

I've already started playing with BETA4. Quite happy with it so far!
Not open for further replies.