Hi community, I'm here to stay!

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Jun 29, 2011
Hi All,

As an 'normal' home user of FreeNAS I must say it's an awesome peace of software.
Many thanks to all people who are somehow involved with this package.

Cause of my positive experiences, I've recently bought an new casing (Lian-Li PC-V354) for my custom made NAS setup.
I've chosen to go for a fresh install, for which I use an 8GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash card.
During this process I've finally faced a real challenge, or somewhat challenge.
I prefer using live CD for fresh installation purposes, as I find it the easiest way to go for.

During the 'normal boot' process, the system returned my first 'Panic'.
The error message was: Panic: ohci_add_done
When I searched the web for more details regarding this ohci_add_done panic error, I faced a lot of threads that didn't mention my problem.
Of course I only know that after fixing the reported issue.

I previously experienced that the motherboard was working perfectly on FreeNAS.
So I knew there must be something wrong with I/O connections.
The only thing new was an stand-alone front-panel SD-reader, which was connected with a single USB2 pin-header on an internal USB connector.
After removing the connection to this device my panic error was gone and the installation process finished as usual.
(Before actualy removing the device, I first checked this solution by disabling USB via BIOS)

Note: I've tested the SD-reader and found none issues.

So here I am, enthusiastic to join the FreeNAS community to share my visions. Hopefully I can help other members with my experiences.
I also find it good behaviour to give responses on forum threads that helped me with my questions or challenges.
Maybe someday I can make my analytical skills of good use for this project.
Not open for further replies.