Hello from Canada

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Apr 16, 2018
My name is jay and I am from Canada. Yes we are north of you my friends from the US and yes it does get cold but the warmth of Canadians makes it feel like we live in sunny California minus the earthquake, poisonous snakes and bugs.

Jokes apart. I have been lurking this forum for a bit now. Learning from the gurus and others from their builds. It is great to have such a large community with such diverse hardware and build requirements.

I currently have a QNAS NAS ( With 8 TB of data). Its been a decent workhorse but our requirements have changed. I want to include a few more features rather than just having network storage and my current unit it not designed for it.

I was wanting to have

1) Atleast 3 VM's on the server ( plex server, whole home ad blocking, NVR)

I am currently in the process of sourcing my hardware.

1) Dual cpu motherboard from supermicro. X9DRD-7LN4F
2) 256 GB of ECC memory ( yes 256 GB ) . Work was getting ready to get rid of a old server and the IT head was kind enough to let me have it. Thx Rick. Someone suggested selling some of the RAM to get other parts.
3) 2 xeon e5-2670
4) HDD not purchased yet. Either 2 TB or 4 TB reds
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Aug 7, 2016
A warm (it's already 70 deg F at 6000ft) welcome to the forum from Pikes Peak in the rockies. That looks like quite the server and it should keep you quit warm! with that much RAM you should have plenty for a few VMs and lots left over for the ARC.
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