Hello everyone!

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Jan 19, 2017
Hello everyone. Apparently my first “post” to Invitions turned out to be a “conversation”. Sorry about that.

I've a technical background and never used FreeBSD nor FreeNAS, but am used to Unix. ZFS sounds like that a super file system!

Most of my employment history has been installing & maintaining specialized voice and data systems. The first computer I worked on was a PDP-11, so been around a while, and still eager to learn more. Learning has always been fun.

Four years ago I assembled a Synology NAS system which was okay: but now I want to build a FreeNAS system. This system will be for backing up devices using different operating systems and also be a file server for media. Was tornbetween building a FreeBSD server or a FreeNAS, but a NAS capable of jails,should allow good opportunities to enhance my skills. Perhaps learn enoughto volunteer in the BSD world. So hello everyone!
Not open for further replies.