FreeNAS+Windows using ESXi

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Feb 18, 2018
hey everyone..
i have these hw in hand:
core i3 8100
asus tuf z370
16gb ram
4*1Tb of WD red Drives
my plan is to run raidz2 on hdds for some personal files (using FreeNAS) and a windows install also ...
i could run windows vm in FreeNAS itself but i need a usb device to connect to windows machine so i turned to using esxi...
now the question is what more do I need in terms of hardware?
im thinking at very least i need an extra SATA card + storage for windows(from what i gathered so far it is not possible to just pass through certain onboard SATA ports to a VM-or not recommended for using with something like FreeNAS)
An extra NIC maybe...(though my main switch right now is an old 10/100 -do not judge- so speed really is not a necessity-if extra NIC is necessary for extra speed-)
I am an absolute noob in ESXi (even FreeNAS itself) so I decided to start my research from here ...
and yes I saw the other thread regarding ESXi but asking my question there didn't seem to match the thread's direction ..
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Chris Moore

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May 2, 2015
I don't know if you can get there from where you are. The system board you have is not one that is normally used for the purpose.
Here is a good thread that talks about using FreeNAS inside virtualization:
Build Report: Node 304 + X10SDV-TLN4F [ESXi/FreeNAS AIO]

There are many others recently ... You should try the search feature.
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