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FreeNAS interaction with Proxmox

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Oct 8, 2020
I am running FreeNAS under Proxmox (description here). The issue I am have is this:

I configured the VM to have a minimum of 4GB and a max of 12GB of memory. It used 4GB all the time, if I really stressed it the cache would grow and more than 4GB would be used, but as soon as the load was removed it went back to using 4GB. I changed the minimum to 6GB and sure enough it uses 6GB, sometimes going over a little and then going back to the minimum setting (I have seen it use 9GB for a few minutes when copying a very large file). It appears that FreeNAS is aware of being virtualized and is interacting with the virtual host (Proxmox) to constrain it's memory use.

Is this behavior expected? My reading lead me to believe that FreeNAS could not interact with QEMU.

Is FreeNAS's use of less memory for cache an issue?

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