FreeNAS for Windows backup and restore (multiple users)

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Nov 21, 2011
Good morning!
I have around 35 Windows 7 computers that I want to backup. the backup and restore wizard only runs once a week but it might be on the same time for everybody.

I want to grant access to the backup folder only to 2 users in my domain, nobody else should have any access to this share.

From your experience, can windows 7 backup and restore (windows 7 professional!) can use a non-NTFS sharing for that?

FreeNAS and this software might have any compatibility issues?
And as always (I know you get sick from getting this question), which hardware should I get for that? I don't know if there will be any difference between pentium g620 to i3-2100 to i5-2300, I don't want to waste company budget but I do need a reliable and strong enough hardware to prevent problems\slow performance in the future.

Many thanks!
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