File Browser 403 Error - New Truenas Scale Installation

Feb 23, 2024
Hello All,

I am having a permissions issue with the File Browser Plugin from the Truenas Catalog. I am relatively new it comes to Truenas Scale, NAS Based OS's, and Linux in general.

When not changing any settings and installing the app with all defaults. The app installs okay and i can open it in the web portal. I can read the file structure and open folders but cannot write. When attempting to create folders or files, it gives me an error 403 Forbidden error, I have attached it to this post.

I have tried changing the permissions in user ID from 568 to 775? But that didn't help. I read a post on reddit about adding additional environmental variables, saying variables for PUID and PGID? I am not too sure on what I would put there for the variables.

Ultimately, The end goal I would like to have is to upload video files and have this server be a home media server (jellyfin/emby). There is no data on the server yet and it can be reset to factory defaults. And it would be very cool to eventually get it to this point of what this person made, or similar, but one step at a time....

I appreciate any help, thanks!

Server Specs and Configuration:
OS Version: TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2
Model:AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor
Motherboard: MSI x470 Gaming plus
Memory:16 GiB DDR4 corsair (i think)
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro P620
HBA: Supermicro AOC-S2308L- L8I
4x Western Digital 4TB drives
4x Seagate Ironwold 4TB Drives
Disk Configs:
Both Nvme disks are used for truenas scale, but not sure if its a true raid 1 configuration, dont think theyre in raid 0
2x WD 4tb and 2x SG 4tb are in 1 VDEV
and then another
2x WD 4tb and 2x SG 4tb and another VDEV

Here is what is under Topology;
Data VDEVs
2 x RAIDZ2 | 4 wide | 3.64 TiB


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