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Extreme slow (1-3Mbit) writes. Reads are fast.... Runnin 8.0.2 -- Any ideas?

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I'm running Freenas8.0.2 on a P4 3.0 machine with 2gb ram (32bit).
I have 4 500gb sataII drives in a raid5 array (3ware 9550 hw raid)
Volume is UFS

Entire lan is gigabit.

Copying files fro AFP, SMB or FTP FROM freenas to anywhere on my LAN is fine... 50MB/s +

Writing files TO FREENAS... via AFP, SMB or FTP is horribly slow... 1-2Mbit MAX...
Doesn't apear to be a hard drive or raid issue because if I mount a nfs share from ssh in freenas and copy files from the nfs share TO freenas, that's fast as well...

I ran iperf -s on freenas and ran iperf -c <ip to freenas> from a windows machine on the same LAN... here's the results:
C:\WINDOWS>iperf -c X.X.X.X
Client connecting to X.X.X.X, TCP port 5001
TCP window size: 8.00 KByte (default)
[1912] local X.X.X.X port 1813 connected with X.X.X.X port 5001
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
[1912] 0.0-10.1 sec 7.83 MBytes 6.50 Mbits/sec

Any ideas at all about what might cause this? Same hardware a week ago running an old version of Fedora and samba didn't have this issue. Reason we 'upgraded' to freenas was for AFP support for OSX Lion clients.

Greatly appreciate any assistance with this... really like freenas and would like to continue using it but if the speed issue can't be resolve I've got to do something different.


Sep 8, 2011
Once it happened to me something really similar, but it was due to the raid controller not managing all the disk space installed (should not be your case).
Could it be a network problem? Seems that you are going troubles when writing from the network. I suggest doing a test with iostat to see how the disks are working. It should not be a memory issue, since you are not using ZFS, however I would also check that memory is sufficient. I would also try different file sizes to see if it could be such a problem.
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