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Error: Interrupt storm detected on "irq264:"; throttling interrupt source

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Apr 29, 2020

I'm new on FreeNAS, and I need your help.

I recently add this card on my NAS, but after adding this card, I have this error on the console of the NAS.
Before added this card, I didn't have any problem.

But now I have this error message which is printed on the console every seconde: Interrupt storm detected on "irq264:"; throttling interrupt source

Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VD
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-7400

Thank you for your help.


Dedicated Sage
Feb 18, 2014
Well, the first thing I would do is remove the card and, presumably, the interrupt storm will cease.

Then, if you search the forum here for "HBA" or "host bus adapter" you will find a lot of information on which add-on SATA port cards are proven to work well with FreeNAS and also many reports of failed attempts to use other add-on cards.

From the hardware section in "Resources" on the masthead find to get you started on the road to more understanding.

Perhaps if you post in the French section someone can point you directly to a local vendor for one of the "good" cards. FYI, many of us buy used cards from ebay sellers. One I have used with satisfaction is The Art of the Server.


Mar 12, 2021
Hello, I'm late to the party I know, but hopefully my reply will matter to someone

I actually had this card for a while on a motherboard without any issue, no storm irq messages running a zfs on 6 drives
Then I changed the motherboard for another model and the same error as yours appeared.

I concluded that it's a hardware problem, either in the new motherboard or in the PCI sata card or both

I'm considering to remove the card because I have 8 sata slots on my new motherboard so I don't need this card anymore

I'd advise you to replace either your motherboard or your PCI sata card or both


Mar 12, 2021
Update: I just moved the PCI card from the x8 slot to the x4 slot and suddenly the messages went away
I don't know what exactly fixed it

I proceeded with the following steps:
Remove every PCI component one by one and reboot each time

Once all PCI components were removed:
Connect every PCI component back until the message shows again

Swap the last 2 PCI card ports

That's it, maybe @Vallevert you didn't have to throw away your PCI card