DNS shows in GUI, but not in the command line

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Apr 2, 2018
Been trying to figure out if its something im doing wrong or if i may have found a bug. quick search on the forums shows one that looks like it may be similar.
couldn't find a bug report related

Apologies if if just missed it, but seems like this would be more prolific if it was a bug, and not just me.
This is all a new build, no previous configuration.
Version 11.1 U4

Primary interfaces are 2 motherboard ports (supermicro) bonded for management (just for redundancy) 1 vlan.
IP address is a static /24, with the gateway and DNS configured. If i open the console directly i see the IP, gateway, and DNS all assigned properly.
I open up the GUI .. (network -> global cofiguration) I see the default gateway and name server configured properly.
If i move to the network summary page- default route is fine .. but DNS is set to

I also have a 4 port intel card, each interface is configured with its own IP address space (/24s)

I can reach any of the IP address from its own network without problems, and if manually add an entry into the resolv.conf, dns will work. But of course its removed each time it rebuilds the file, or i reboot.
I can also update the dns / default gateway and it saves the updates and i can see them in both in the GUI configuration.

However dns still will not see to update in the summary. I have also checked the command line and it always keeps the DNS.

Looking for ideas on where to check next ... or if i should open a bug report.


Sounds like a bug. If you report it at bugs.freenas.org, post the issue number here.
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