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Disk Errors


Senior Member
Apr 16, 2020
I am getting a critical warning about Error Log entries - but I don't know which disk
The errors are on nvme1 - but what is nvme1?

in /dev there is nvme0 and nvme1 (with nvme0ns1 and nvme1ns1)

According to TrueNAS:
Under Storage/Disks there are no nvme disks
I have two Intel SSD, ada7 & ada0 which are both present in /dev
I have two Optanes, nvd0 & nvd1 which are both present in /dev.
I have two SATADom (boot) which according to TrueNAS are ada8 & 9, both present in /dev
I have 6 Micron SSD's da0-2 & ada1-3 all present in /dev
I have 6 HDD's da7-9 and ada4-6

In /dev I have
nvme0 & 1, along with nvme0ns1 and nvme1ns1 that I have no idea what these are.

If I type geom disk status - the output does NOT include nvme0 or 1 but seems to include everything else.