Did my motherboard die???

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May 12, 2014
I have an Asrock EPC612D8A-TB motherboard. Probably about two months ago I did a fresh install of FreeNAS but I couldn't get my permissions right and for me to be able to access it from my windows 10 machine. I think I just left it on but not completely sure. Today I am feeling energetic and thought I would try again. It would turn on but no boot device found. Booted into the Bios and I could see My 8 drives but not the two mirrored 60GB boot SSD drives. I also noticed that of my eight banks of memory, only 6 were displaying and being used and two empty. I updated the Bios using Asrock's flash bios and this time when it booted it said FreeNAS media?? disk found/not bootable. Still can't see the SSD as an option for the boot menu though I can see them as listed under hard drive configuration Under M-2. The memory banks are still showing empty.

Could the motherboard really have just gone bad? I have an Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3 CPU (Yes, I way overbuilt this thing, if only I had known about Kodi LOL) I remember the first time I built this that I had to return two super micro boards due to DOA. Any advice as to what motherboard to try next. This was a 2015 purchase and I think the main reason I chose it was it had ECC support and was a server board. It seems a lot of the mainstream board support ECC now though.


OOPS, I just see from my signature that I only had 6 sticks of RAM, not 8 so really the problem is it can see my SSD drives:(

Got it working. I don't really understand why but I was able to get to a boot menu which then showed my SSD's and eventually my frenas install. It never did show up as an option in my Bios boot menu though?
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Sep 27, 2016
maybe your motherboard boot menu was limited to X drives to show up. Or maybe you was blind :P :D
Nevertheless your system is working and that is awesome, because nothing is harder as to figure out that the MB is bad/faulty.
When you update your BIOS/UEFI your configuration can get lost. That normal. In that case the baord will take the first port of the first SATA/SAS controller. If that is a FreeNAS data drive then you will receive that message. It is normal ;)
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