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Creation of /mnt/mnt during 9.3 installation

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Oct 30, 2013
I attempted to upgrade a 9.2 installation to 9.3-stable yesterday, and it hung partway through. I then followed the suggestion and did a clean install of 9.3. 9.3 found my volume with no problems, and once the system was up and reachable, I loaded my saved configuration.

Almost everything went fine. However, I have a immutable directory that has been created. tank is the name of my volume, btw.

/mnt/tank/<everything that should be here, including my jails>
/mnt/mnt/tank/jails/ - it looks like the 9.2 port and plugin warden template directories. This directory hierarchy is immutable, btw.

The /mnt/mnt/tank is NOT a zfs volume.

Also, the storage volumes web page shows tank->tank->tank/... Looking in the directory structure, there isn't two tanks, and zfs list doesn't show tank/tank.

These may or may not be related.


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Mar 25, 2012
I would like to take a look at your system if you have time. Some other people have this problem and I want to take a closer look at it. Mind if I PM you and see about doing a remote session with you?
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