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Create Second iSCSI Target

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Sep 15, 2011
I set up the System with FreeNas 8.x but only had 2 drives to put into the machine. I have now added 2 more drives. Since I am using this box to be the backup of all the virtual machines in ESXi, I just need to allocate portions of the space for each VM as backup space (in ESXi I create a folder in the drive for each machines backup set).

Now as I said, I have 2 new unused drives. I want to leave the existing working ones alone and create a new target. I tried to create new drive extents, then create a new target, then associate the two new drive extents to the new target. At this point, EVERYTHING stops working. ESXi not only doesn't see a new target, it loses the original target as well. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Not open for further replies.