CIFS Service under CONTROLS can't be started

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Dec 27, 2011
Hello guys, just recently purchased this server, and trying to set-up as my media share around the house on my Windows PCs, iPods and DLNA enabled TV.

System Information:

Hostname freenas.local
FreeNAS Build FreeNAS-8.0.2-RELEASE-amd64 (8288)
Platform AMD Turion(tm) II Neo N40L Dual-Core Processor
Memory 1905MB
System Time Tue Dec 27 01:48:44 2011
Uptime 1:48AM up 11:08, 0 users
Load Average 0.42, 0.45, 0.29
OS Version FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p3

I have followed all instructions in Freenas Documentation - about creating a Guest account, and giving Windows / CIFS share anonymously without authentication, everything went fine until I started to swithc the CIFS control.

IT WONT TURN to GREEN. Whatever I do, or chagne, or create different users etc. I will get the same message:
##The Service could not be started.##

I'm not sure if is something to do with recommended RAM for FreeNAS 8.2, as currently runs with 2GB. Could this be a cause why the service can't be started at all? I would have imagined that service is started, and there would be permission problems if I can't connect, why can not be started at all?

I've very easily started the following services:


but CIFS is the most needed!!

Anyone can help please?? I'M DESPERATE!


Jun 2, 2011
First things first. Go to System -> Settings tab -> Advanced, enable Show Console Messages in the footer. Save. Reload the admin console. You should now have the messages log file scrolling at the bottom of the page. (Likely it won't be scrolling very fast, possibly even at all until you do something) Then go and try to start the CIFS service. You should get a few error messages when it tries to start. Those should give us a thread to pull on and figure this out.
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