Changing CIFS buffer size - how to do it?

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Andy L

Oct 4, 2011
I'm trying to tweak my FreeNAS box to get the most out of it performance-wise by following this guide:

It was written for FreeNAS 7 so the 'Change buffer size' option is not part of the GUI but I understand that it can still be changed by adding parameters in Services -> CIFS -> Auxiliary parameters. The question is - what are these parameters? What would be an optimal setting for a machine with 8 GB RAM? I've tried Googling and looking at the smb.conf documentation but not found anything.

Also, where would I find the equivalent of FreeNAS 7's 'Enable kernel tuning' in FreeNAS 8 (as mentioned in the guide above)? Or have these tweaks become redundant in the newer version? Thanks in advance!
Not open for further replies.