Cannot setup TrueNas Active Directory service using AD's with IPv6 only addresses


Mar 19, 2024
I am attempting to configure my TrueNAS Active Directory to my domain controllers that are only configured with only IPv6 addresses. I have tried using account/password and Kerberos keytabs. Both options fail when trying to activate the service with the following error: "Failed to discover Active Directory Domain Controller for domain. This may indicate a DNS misconfiguration."

My software/hardware specs are:
TrueNas vs 13.0-U6.1
Loaded on:
Cisco UCS C240m3
CPU: Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz
127 GB RAM
29GB boot drive
24 1 TB SSD partitioned into 2 pools
4 1GB NICS (1 NIC configured with both an IPv4 and IPv6 address)
Windows Server 2019 AD

Troubleshooting Steps I've completed:
Verified all checks IAW Setting Up Active Directory | ( to include NTP between TrueNas and AD
Verified TrueNas can ping my domain controllers in the shell window. Ping responds with IPv6 addresses.
Verified my domain controllers can ping the TrueNas.
Ran "host -t srv" from the shell and it returned the correct service records for dc1/dc2.
Setup Keytab IAW Setting Up Kerberos | (
Reviewed numerous blogs on this site but have not found one that pertains to my issue.