Build Help - R720 16 bays


Feb 6, 2019

We are looking to add FreeNAS(on dedicated hardware, no virtualization) as an iSCSI target in our 3 x Vmware ESXi 6.5 for storage of multiple Asterisk PBX VM's.

Main question: Which zpool and vdev configuration to use?

Here's details of our FreeNAS server and would welcome any input on our setup.

  • Dell R720 16 bays
    • 2 x E5-2660 V2 cpu
    • 192GB ECC ram
    • LSI 9207-8i HBA card
    • 12 x SSD 300GB DC S3500 for zfs3
    • 3 x SSD 300GB DC S3700: 2 x ZIL in mirror and 1x L2ARC
    • 2 x innodisk satadom in mirror for freenas os
    • 1 x Broadcom 5720 quad port nic
    • 1 x 10Gb dual port for nic available
  • Switch
    • 2 Cisco 3750x
      • PowerStack enable (automatic power supply failover)
      • LACP enable (failover configuration)
Any configuration input on how to setup our FreeNAS is again welcome.
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