Best use of Optane drives?


Mar 4, 2024
I have a pair of 480GB Optane drives to throw into my NAS system, and I'm wondering how to best utilize them.

Basic system specs:
256 GB RAM
2x 128GB SSD's (mirror) for boot drives
16x 6TB HDD's (2x 8-wide raidz2 vdev's)

Primary use cases:
Network file server for media server (NFS)
File server for Windows workstations (SMB)

The obvious uses would be a SLOG or a L2ARC, however 2x480GB is really way too much to use for just a SLOG, and I'm seeing that partitioning the drive to give me something like 32GB for SLOG and (480-32)GB for L2ARC isn't really supported.

My primary goal in this is to put these Optane drives that are just sitting on my shelf to good use, but if I could do it in a way that would speed up things like ingesting media into the media datasets, it would be all the better. Currently the types of tasks where I notice any I/O delays are large file copies, such as ingesting new media or copying media files from one dataset to another.

Any suggestions?