Best hardware config for my usecase?


Feb 25, 2024
Hi all

I'm starting this topic because I want to assemble my first TrueNAS compatible NAS from some old parts I have lying around.

Intended use:
  • Media storage: Video, music, photo, documents
  • Media server: Plex with playback on Apple TV 4K (I'm guessing encoding has to be done on NAS?)
  • Apple HomeKit: Home Assistant and/or Homebridge
  • Backup: Mac
  • Torrent: Transmission or qBittorrent

  • Case: Louqe Ghost S1 Mk3
  • Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX B360-I GAMING
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 8500
  • Ram: Crucial Ballistix 16gb DDR4 2400mhz
  • PSU: TBD
  • Boot SSD: maybe 250gb Samsung Evo 850 2.5 SSD
I have 3 sata ports available which I'm thinking I'll occupy with one or two 3.5' 8-12tb drive (Seagate Ironwolf/Exos or WD Red).

I have room for 2 m.2 ssd's on the motherboard where I thought I'd use one of the slots for cache - how much is recommended here? Would 1tb be enough?

I have an unused pcie slot which I thought I could occupy with an Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card V2 but unfortunately my motherboard doesn't support bifurcation, so I'm not sure what to use this slot for..

I'd like to have backup and I think 8-12tb total storage should be fine for me. I'm not looking to max out the ports/slots, rather I'd like to start with a lower budget hence the 3.5' drive for main storage.

Do you have any recommendations for my hardware/config/setup? As a complete noob who's only ever used Synology NAS I'm very open to feedback.

Thanks for your help!


Apr 16, 2020
cache (L2ARC) doesn't do what you think it does. You don't have enough primary memory (16GB) to use L2ARC.
L2ARC rarely helps with a single user system (and can even slow it down). You would do MUCH MUCH better add additional RAM. This is not cache like UnRaid

Keep the 2 * NVMe for a mirrored pair of drives - use these drives as a pool for apps. Don't need to be large for just Plex

No bifurcation = no ASUS Hyper. You will need a card with a PLX chip - which is a lot more expensive

Get a decent PSU - do not cheap out on this - look at the PSI tier list available on the web and pick one of the better ones.

Backup is a whole different issue


Feb 25, 2024
Thanks for clearing that up and helping me out @NugentS

As I already have the ram I'll try them out first and then it's a relatively cheap and easy upgrade if I need more. I won't be having too heavy use.

Thanks for the tip on mirrored m.2 drives. I'm thinking I could also run 1x1 mirrored 3.5' drives so I have redundancy.

I won't be able to afford a card with PLX, i think i'll just leave the pcie slot empty for now atleast.

I have a Corsair SF750 in my gaming rig which I might move over to this build.. It might be a bit overkill but many of the decent psu's cost about the same in my country.