Authentication and authorization on TrueNAS Scale for a medium-sized business


Mar 14, 2024
Hello TrueNAS Community,

I'm a junior system administrator with little knowledge about authentication and looking for the best way to facilitate my needs.
We currently have two large servers running internally both running TrueNAS Scale.

One of these servers is filled with drives and acts as our main file server using smb shares and the other one hosts our services like nextcloud, traefik, database servers, and other services that are relevant to our organization.

Currently, our employee base has several user accounts and passwords for all sorts of services and we'd like to find a way to implement Single Sign On and a centralized directory. I've been looking at LDAP with Authentik but am unsure if this is the way to go. As said, we have a few samba shares with different permissions set up and for that part I struggle with understanding how a centralized directory can fit into that picture.

Most of our employees use Windows systems (W10 Home) and a few (mostly management) use OSX.

Could you help me get started where to look?