Apps permission issues - Installing Apps issues TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2


Nov 26, 2014
Dear TrueNAS community,

I am coming to you with another request for assistance. I am migrating everything to my new TrueNAS scale, as my previous system is still running FreeNAS (Freebsd) and after watching some tutorials on best practices of how to install and manage Apps under TrueNAS scale I am having permission issues, which are keeping most of the applications under "Deploying" status and they never appear as "running".

Quick summary of my system:
Xeon E3-1265L v3
X520 10Gbit Network card
8x4TB Ironwolf HDD in RAIDZ2.
1x480GB Intel SSD

All the Apps are installed on the 1TB SSD.
I created a "My_App_Data" Dataset in the SSD.
All individual Apps have a separate "Dataset" under "My_App_Data".

The Apps are stuck and "Deploying".

In the logs I get the following when trying to run Unifi_controller or Nextcloud. The only app that runs without issues is the Openspeedtest:

2024-04-04 16:52:45.483215+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,482] <docker-entrypoint> INFO - Entrypoint script version 1.1.3
2024-04-04 16:52:45.484834+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,484] <docker-entrypoint> INFO - Entrypoint functions version 1.1.0
2024-04-04 16:52:45.488074+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,487] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - Container/entrypoint not started as UID 0 (root)
2024-04-04 16:52:45.489488+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,489] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - Unable to change permissions or set custom GID/UID if configured
2024-04-04 16:52:45.493168+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,492] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - Process will be spawned with GID=999, UID=999
2024-04-04 16:52:45.494575+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,494] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - Depending on permissions requested command may not work
2024-04-04 16:52:45.496119+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,495] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - ======================================================================
2024-04-04 16:52:45.497682+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,497] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - One or more of: 'DB_MONGO_LOCAL', 'DB_MONGO_URI', 'STATDB_MONGO_URI', or 'UNIFI_DB_NAME' is unset.
2024-04-04 16:52:45.499306+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,498] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - In the future you should consider running UniFi on Docker with an external Mongo DB instance defined.
2024-04-04 16:52:45.501181+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,500] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - *** Please check the and examples at ***
2024-04-04 16:52:45.502633+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,502] <docker-entrypoint> WARN - ======================================================================
2024-04-04 16:52:45.504358+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,503] <docker-entrypoint> INFO - Checking setup for container
2024-04-04 16:52:45.506179+02:00[2024-04-04 16:52:45,505] <docker-entrypoint> INFO - '/usr/lib/unifi/data/' doesn't exist, copying from '/usr/lib/unifi/'
2024-04-04 16:52:45.508048+02:00cp: failed to access '/usr/lib/unifi/data/': Permission denied

If anyone could advise on how to solve this situation, I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks in advance.