Accidently added stripe to RAIDZ

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Joshua Parker Ruehlig

So I was trying to add a 40GB SSD as cache (l2arc) to my RAIDZ of 5x2TB Drives. I was trying to figure out how to do it and I ended up creating a stripe =[

Screenshot at 2011-10-01 01:51:08.jpg

Anyways, I do have a backed up config from a few weeks ago

when I revert to it with the SSD plugged in..
*Everything seems fine and the disks screen shows only the 5 2TB drives

when I remove the SSD..
*I still see the storage device but it doesn't mount and I get the error "Error getting available space"

I hope I can fix things without having to back everything up to other external disks (I almost have 3TB of data... and only 1TB of other HDD's) but it may likely come down to that. It anyone would be willing to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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