Accessing FreeNAS8 remotely for use as a small SVN server

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Aug 27, 2011
Hey there FreeNASians!

I have a question regarding the potential to access FreeNAS remotely using SVN. I've currently gotten Subversion setup and configured properly on my FreeNAS box, and have tested it locally using its LAN IP address. Everything is a-ok on that end.

However, me and my buddy want to do a little bit of Android development; problem: he lives in British Colombia and I live in New Brunswick (for those not up on their Canadian geography, they are quite literally on different sides of the country).

I've tried doing some of my own digging: so far I've setup a DynDNS host that points directly to my WAN IP, port forwarded the SVN ports (3690 UDP/TCP) directly to my FreeNAS box and even placed the FreeNAS box in DMZ (would prefer this to not be a permanent thing!). Whenever I attempt to connect to the FreeNAS Subversion installation I'm greeted with a "denied access" type message.

I've setup Subversion to let all anon users in as well, so it should not be denying it based on credentials.

I'm stuck at this point, and have no clue where to go next! Is there settings I can modify directly on FreeNAS to expose it to my friend?

Thanks in advance!
Not open for further replies.