A rant for FN8 July 2011

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Jun 16, 2011
Hello Everyone,
In mid-June 2011, I came to try/test FN8 because of a video I saw touting all the cool features of FN8 including: webGUI Admin interface, simplicity of initial setup, hardware compatibility, ease of use, compatibility with Win*, Apple I-*, x-box, PS3, torrents, file sharing, home media server plus mail, web and ftp servers and many other cool features.
The video was not from FN8 developers. But it was seemingly premature, as it never mentioned BETA or 'under development' as I quickly came to find was the case with FN8. It actually seemed to imply that all of these features were fully implemented and working.
I had no knowledge of FN 0.7 or FN8 until I read this: http://doc.freenas.org/index.php/Introduction . I quickly decided to ride with FN8. Now that I've gotten wet in zpool of FN8:rolleyes:, I am sure that I will be staying for the long haul.
That being said, I think that many of the people coming into the world of FN8 are also not experienced with things like FN0.7, ZFS, BSD, or even SysAdmin tasks.
Those people (and some of us ofgs) would love to see something a bit simpler to explain handling permissions via the webGUI. Not to mention many other features.
Yes I rtfm for FN8 ( http://doc.freenas.org/index.php/Main_Page ) and understood the concepts beforehand. Yet I still had some questions to clarify what some of the FN8 webGUI choices do, implement or affect.

Because versions (betas and nightlies) are changing and progressing toward (I think) this simpler form of administration plus many added features, I think some of us would like to see a simpler form of explanation or example of how to do things i.e. create shares (at least for Win* and Apple) and permissions on both sides of the link.
(Windows) Workgroup Name in FreeNAS 8 (beta-3 build FreeNAS-8r6875-amd64) :
http://doc.freenas.org/index.php/CIFS does go a long way to explain the straightforward setup of the WorkGroup Name but could really do with an example setup. I haven't found one as yet.
IMHO people seem to be asking 'tell me what to set up and how to set it up to share things from FN8 to windows etc.' What do the settings mean. What will happen if I set this 'Choice' to '***xx' ?
Where do we find a 'FN8 for Dumdums' ?
Many such answers 'for Dumdums' are actually answered in these forums.
Seriously a A BIG Thanks to All the Guys who answer our questions.
I think now may be a good time to start taking 'snippets' from these forums and adding them together in an organized form to create such an 'FN8 for Dumdums'

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant for July 2011.

Discliamer: That's my rant for this week and I just wanted to put it out there (or *RFC in the old days). It is certainly not aimed at any person in any way nor the developers and is not meant to disparage anyone or anything.

*RFC - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Request_for_Comments:p:p


Jul 1, 2011
Those are some really good points CBRAY. I also think it would be helpful if these forums were moderated because I've seen helpful posts and questions posted in the wrong sections. If it weren't so chaotic people might find it easier to find the answers they need. Its just going to get worse the longer things go un-moderated here.

Here's my rant to add to yours: PEOPLE, PLEASE READ THE RULES AND POST YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE CORRECT SECTION It will help everyone....


Jul 26, 2011
Agreed, I had a bit of trouble at first (Partly my own fault) but I played with some settings and eventually it did what I wanted it to. However what I did to get it to do that... well thats still a mystery to me.
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