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Mar 27, 2017
I am on the cusp of building my 1st FreeNAS system. The main purpose of the build is media storage and Plex server. I have a 4k TV hooked up to a Roku Ultra, so transcoding 4k is not required, only streaming it to the Roku. Having said this, I am trying to future proof this for the foreseeable future. What I am after here is verification / comments / hints before I pull the trigger and make the purchases.

As well, I do have one additional question - when buying a CPU, I have been looking on Ebay and finding a lot of Xeon Engineering Samples. I have no experience with this, so would ask you - what is your opinion of these? Will they work like any other CPU? Are there any caveats with getting one? It seems they are compatible with the mobo I have selected, but would really like to know before I buy.

Parts list:
Supermicro X10DRL-i mobo (will use single CPU to start)
Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3 CPU ($299 on Ebay... see question above about engineering sample CPUs)
2x 16GB DDR4 2133 Registered ECC (opinions on Hynix vs. Micron vs. Samsung? They are all tested for the selected mobo)
Fractal Design Define R4 case
2x 16GB DOM disks for FreeNAS OS
(is 16GB enough or should I bump this to 32GB?)
8x 4TB hardrives in Raid-Z2 configuration (opinions on WD Red vs HGST Deskstar NAS?) (is double parity really necessary??)
PSU (recommendations please)
Anything else??

Any additional comments or recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance!!


Documentation Engineer
Nov 14, 2014
People have reported trouble here with the "engineering sample" Xeons. I would avoid those. That processor in general seems to be far more than necessary for the job.

Unless the case lacks space to physically mount 2.5-inch devices, I'd prefer 120GB SSDs to the DOMs. These are easier to source, have much more room for additional boot environments, and are probably not greatly different in price.

A Gold-rated power supply is recommended. Seasonic and EVGA are well-regarded.
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