11.1, Cloud Sync and Google Drive

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Dec 14, 2017
1) Can the cloud sync capability in 11.1 sync to my personal GDrive, rather than a bucket?
I attempted to follow the instructions to create a local credentials file for the Cloud Sync, but generally failed with PERMISSION_DENIED: errors from the gcloud CLI .... newbie erros.

2) As a newbie, is there a writeup that describes best practice for configuring my FreeNAS box ? I am a not a sys admin, but I bought a FreeNAS Mini for home, to protect my data. Specifically, I rarely delete files and have heard of snapshots ... but don't know how to use them. What I would like to do is once I get a "good" filetree resolved on FreeNAS (with minimal dupes, after coalescing GDrive, my many various local backups and other non-FreeNAS NASs), I would like to ensure that filetree is "protected". Like it would be hard for even me to say delete my photo store.

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