zfs receive

  1. mistermanko

    Move jails to another pool

    Made this a resource, as this has helped me a couple of times and is simple enough for inexperienced users to succeed. I'd like to add a step-by-step guide that help me to do that. I it found over at lawrencesystems.com I wanted to move jails from bluePool to ssdPool logged out from...
  2. N

    SOLVED How can I access files backed up with zfs send

    I have attempted to make a backup of a dataset with zfs send. The backup BACKUP03/TANK/library appears to contain over 4 TB of data (just like the source dataset TANK/library). When I do an ls -la on /BACKUP03/TANK/library no files are shown. Has the dataset BACKUP03/TANK/library been...
  3. enry

    Error when migrating zfs data

    Setup is two Volumes. Volume01 is 4 disks (2x2TB, 2x4TB) - 3.7TB in use Volume02 is 2 disks (2x6TB) I want to migrate the data from Volume01 to Volume02. Following the excellent directions I migrated the system data to the boot disk and then tried to do the snapshot and send/receive. Then I...
  4. E

    zfs send/receive and ARC/L2ARC

    I'm building a system with two backup servers (A and B). I'll have 10+ hosts pushing datasets to backup A via zfs send. Backup A will then push all of those datasets to backup B using zfs send. My question is - will backup A write everything that it receives via zfs receive into the...
  5. E

    zfs receive and SLOG

    Two questions - 1) Does 'zfs receive' utilize the ZIL and therefor a SLOG if you have one? 2) I have several 16 drive (3.5") chassis that I've inherited that I'll be using for backups for VM hosts. I'll be using zfs send/rec to get the data there. Would I be better off having two 8 drive...

    Cannot receive 'zfs send' as non-root user, with 'zfs allow' set

    I'm not sure what it is that is wrong, but I have been unable to send snapshots from a FreeBSD 11 machine using zxfer, as a normal user, doing everything I can think of. So far the things I have done to enable ZFS send receive as a regular user are the following: Set vfs.usermount=1 Set every...