1. rjb123

    X10DRU Build?

    Chasis: 6028U-TRTP+ MB: X10DRU-i+ (Does have IPMI) CPU: 2x E5-2678v3 Backplane: BPN-SAS3-826A Would something like this with replacing the raid card with an HBA (suggestions?) work with FreeNAS (these are a dime a dozen it seems with cheaper options with less RAM), Seems cheaper than sourcing...
  2. pro lamer

    SOLVED Do E5-16xx v3/v4 support LRDIMM?

    Hi, I think I have a bad day, because I can't manage to find a simple thing on the internet. My google-foo is just failing. Searching the motherboard manual didn't help either :( Do E5-16xx Haswell/Broadwell CPUs support LRDIMM or only RDIMMs (and UDIMMs) DDR4? If it depends on the...
  3. SFoskett

    Blogging My FreeNAS Build

    I thought folks here might be interested in reading about my FreeNAS adventure. I'm blogging my build: Hello FreeNAS! Goodbye Drobo and Iomega… My FreeNAS Build: Supermicro X10SL7, Intel Haswell Xeon, ECC RAM 14 Drives For 14 Ports: A Case For FreeNAS It’s Fine To Mount Hard Drives On Their...