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  1. G

    Disk Writes sometimes Interrupted?

    Sometimes when writing things to disk, such as copying between locations in the ZFS volume, or moving items across the network, starting a new disk write, such as saving a new file, will interrupt other processes either locally or remotely that are also writing files, causing them to fail. If I...
  2. P

    Transmission can't write to disk (sorry but I can't get it to work)

    Hey guys. Sorry for such a general/basic question but I think I have done my absolute best in being able to solve all sorts of problems on my own up to this point. When it comes to Linux permissions I'm still quite a bit in the dark. To clarify I *have* read through this...
  3. David47295

    Nextcloud write permission problem

    Hey everyone, So I wanted to try out Nextcloud on FreeNAS and see how it was. I'm able to open install the plugin, mount storage onto the associated jail and see my stuff on the Nextcloud web GUI. But I'm having this issue where I can't upload files using the web GUI. It just says "You don't...