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    Login to freenas without using computers domain

    I'm setting up a freenas server for my film department in my school and its all configured, but the school computers use AD logins and when I try to login to the server through file explorer, it tries to use our schools domain. I can manually type in a domain I want to login with, but all of the...
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    DNS test fails trying to install plugin - resolv.conf error

    Hi, I have a problem instlalling plugins in FreeNAS 11.2. When I try and use the GUI to install a plugin I get the error message "[EFAULT] Exception: CallError:[EFAULT] could not be reached via DNS, check your network occured, destroyed plex. " The problem is caused by...
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    New Setup FREE NAS

    New to Free NAS, I have a small network with 12 users with a windows 2008R2 Domain. I am having a problem joining my domain, essentially free NAS can't seem to find the domain controller. I have double checked our DNS as correct, my local pcs can ping and resolve our domain controller but FNAS...
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    Getting this message on boot, which now takes about half an hour; Can't browse SMB shares anymore

    I was doing some copies between SMB shares on a Windows client machine... and a Windows installer was running in a Bhyve VM, when my FreeNAS became completely unresponsive. I couldn't SSH into it, access any shares, or interact with the web GUI at all. So I did a hard reset. When I booted back...