web interface

  1. H

    Get web interface url without a monitor

    I have my freeNAS installed on a sd card used with my raspberry pi 4, but the HDMI port doesn't work. Is there a way to get the url that you find on the screen to open the web interface without an actual screen?
  2. pixel8383

    nginx error 99

    After I updated my FreeNAS installation to 11.2-U1 the web interface could not start anymore. The error, when I try to manually start nginx via CLI is: Starting nginx: [emerg]: bind() to IP failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) My way out to solve this is issue was to comment the IPv6...
  3. V

    GUI not loading (11.1 &11.2) sorry for duplicate

    Lets get this out of the way first. Hardware.... Motherboard: Asus z77 pro V (have also tested on MSI H77MA-G43) CPU i5-3570k (have also swapped out for i5-3570 non k) RAM - 16 Gigs Crucial DDR3 1600 Mhz (4x4 gig sticks), previously had 11.xx working on 2x4 gigs of Mushkin 1333 Mhz Boot Drive(s)...
  4. apollothethird

    No web ui on fresh install

    Can someone advise me what is missing on my install. I tried the install on a normal computer as well as a VirtualBox and get the same results. I booted the iso image of FreeBSD-11.2-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso, using nothing but defaults. I didn't pick any of the service options during the...
  5. pixel8383

    FreeNAS 11.2 Stable and Safari on iOS

    Some days ago I updated to FreeNAS 11.2, everything is working fine. I can login to the new interface using my pc's browsers or via SSH. When I try to login using iOS I get stuck on "Connecting to NAS... Make sure the NAS system is powered on and connected to the network.". I tried deleting my...
  6. H

    Snapshot unviewable in web interface

    I see the snapshot on the system but when I go to the web interface, the snapshot is not there or hidden or something.
  7. vitaprimo

    Another [Errno 28] No space left on device: '/tmp/*'

    Hi, I'm new around here and FreeNAS newbie too; last year I gave it a quick test drive but I was learning so many things at the time I just didn't gave it the time or prior research: I wanted to virtualize it. This time around I have a sound system that works completely off network storage...
  8. ruban

    habilita la parte web

    Estoy instalando FreeNas 11.1 en una maquina virtual con los siguientes características vcore 5 RAM 20 GB realizo la instalación configuro toda la red no me habilita la interfas web. agradezco todos sus comentario
  9. S

    RancherOS Issues (web interface sometimes not coming up, cannot upgrade, etc)

    Hi guys, I've been running 11.1.U4 for a while now, after finally transitioning off Coral and back to jails, and then out of Jails and back to Docker (haha). However, I've come into issues with the RancherOS implementation in FreeNAS. Specifically: - Oftentimes, after rebooting the VM, the web...
  10. D

    SOLVED moved HDDs and system to new computer can't access interface

    Hello again, It has been some time that I caused some trouble. I have moved my system (2 x USB in mirror) to an new case and took all my HDDs over to the new case. It boots up, I see the IP but can not access the web interface after my move. Any idea what i could do?