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  1. S

    SOLVED Failed drive not showing in GUI. Unable to view disk.

    Hi, I have a system where I used 4x 2TB Seagate Green disks. I have replaced 2 of the disks earlier, one with a similar one and one with a 4 TB WD Red. I've bought new WD 4 TB Red disks and were going to replace the rest, but haven't got there yet. Anyhow, yesterday I was tranfering a 20 GB...
  2. Soypat

    SOLVED Storage=>View Disks is blank. Can't display volume.

    Hello community, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off let me thank you all. I work on video production. We have a studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've set up the FreeNAS 6 months a go (before we had just a basic...