1. C

    Looking for jail repair/migration guidance

    Hey there.. I have been using a jail to host my nextcloud and other projects for a while now. Few days ago, mariadb started going down. Not sure what the problem was... but I thought maybe need to update installed packages. Once I started that, I got: pkg: repository FreeBSD contains packages...
  2. T

    SOLVED FreeNAS-9.3-BETA "no updates avaliable"

    Hi, Setup: FreeNAS 9.3-BETA 2014-11-08 00:21:30 GMT Platform AMD Turion(tm) II Neo N54L Dual-Core Processor Memory 16230MB I want to update the FreeNAS software but in the System->Update tab when I click on "check now" it tells my that there are no updates available. What is the best...
  3. Cordel

    FreeNAS on a closed lan, upgrades and jails?

    I have been away from FreeNAS for a while now and was wondering if any improvements might have been made for systems that are on a closed lan, or for systems that are remote with extremely limited bandwidth like satellite or, cough choke, dialup? When the jails plugins was introduced, the...
  4. M

    doubles of datasets in dropdown menus (after upgrade to v.11)

    Hi, For some reason the dropdown menu's in the GUI show duplicates (in small letters) of a couple of my datasets. Earlier I had the problem that the files in my datasets wouldn't show (could map the drive, open the folder and just saw the json config file). An extra complication is that I...
  5. Kris Moore

    New Features for Testing

    Folks, During the ongoing march to FreeNAS 9.10.3, we wanted to request some specific testing of a few new features that have landed in the nightlies over the past few days. Advanced Alerting - You might notice a new "Alerts" in your system settings. This will allow you to configure your...