1. D

    Folder permissions

    Hello, I wanted to make that transmission and plex used a same folder .. then I created the shell and gave the command chmod -R 777 /../ but entering the shell of the plugin it is not visible .. why? can you help me? freenas 11.2
  2. fahadshery

    Permissions for User and Group

    Hi, I have a dataset with user and group both to be media. (The built in user and the group already available in FreeNas 11.2 stable). I installed transmission and setup the permissions by running these commands in the jail shell: pw useradd -n media -u 8675309 -d /nonexistent -s...
  3. Jacopx

    Transmission GUI disappear after starting OpenVPN

    Buonasera a tutti! I'm running a Jail with Transmission (behind VPN) for 2 years. Yesterday i have noticed that the guy wasen't working... I I'm entering in it (jexec n bash) it's working perfectly. I have tried to reinstall the plugin and everything works but, after I have installed also...
  4. P

    Error Permisos de Transmission

    Buenas, soy relativamente nuevo en freenas y me estoy volviendo loco con un mensaje de error de permisos en transmission. Empecé en freenas directamente en Corral pero al ver los anuncios de que estaba muerto, decidí arrancar en el 9.10 y aunque es menos atractivo, es lo que hay. Pues bien, en...
  5. Z

    Openvpn TLS Error: local/remote TLS keys are out of sync

    I get the TLS Error: local/remote TLS keys are out of sync error in my transmission jail from time to time. When this happens I cannot get any connection within the jail. After I restart the openvpn service it works again. This happens from time to time and is very annoying, but I could not...
  6. StefanPeeters1981


    Hallo iedereen, Ik wil voor de eerste keer coutchpotato opzetten omdat ik er al veel positieve reviews over gelezen heb. Toch lukt het mij niet om dit correct te configureren ondanks alle how to's die ik gevonden heb. Ik gebruik transmission als torrent. Toch na het volgen van tutorials om...
  7. N

    Transmission Plugin Wont Start

    I recently had the Transmission plugin installed but then uninstalled it. Today I decided to reinstall it however when I go to the plugins page and try to toggle it from off to on, it takes forever to load and then says "Some error occurred." Additionally I have the Plex plugin which works and...
  8. Maagze

    Transmisión lenta de 1mb/s

    Hola buenas tardes, soy nuevo en esto de las NAS y FreeNAS Resulta que tengo una Dell Optiplex 990 que la estoy usando para montar la NAS, según la página de Dell ( el mother tiene un puerto ethernet gigabit. La red la tengo armada con un router...